Types of pistachios:

1. Round (Fandoghi)
2. Jumbo (Kallequchi)
3. Long (Akbari, Ahmadaghaei – Badami)

Each type of pistachios is classified into fifth group:
A. Open inshell 
B. Closed shell
C. Loose kernel*
D. Shelling stock
E. Mechanically opened: Closed shells have been split mechanically 
*Note: Normal, green, and unripe are kinds of kernel.

The number of pistachios per ounce (28.4g) is counting unit for this product and ranges are 18 to 34.
Sizes are as follows:
18 – 20, 26 – 28
20 – 22, 30 – 32
22 – 24, 32 – 34
24 – 26

Processed pistachios:
Raw Pistachios can be roasted with different flavors such as salted, lemon, garlic, curry, pepper and mixed in automatic machinery and they are packed in PP bags or printed cellophane by order
Pistachios are used:
As Snack products, in ice-cream, chocolate, confectionery and some other delicious foods.

1. PP bags: 50 kg net
2. Carton (for kernel): 10 kg net in calico bags before encased in cartons.
3. Printed cellophane: 50g to 2 kg net according to favorable design. 
Any other packing by order accepted

Shipment trend:
Each 20' FCL contains 12.5 metric tons net. 
Each 40 FCL contains 25 metric tons net. 
Each Transit Truck carries 20 metric tons net.

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