About Us

Saba Ati is a reputed company in producing and exporting the best quality pistachios of Iran. 

Saba Ati was established after several years of experience in international business and trading in domestic and oversees markets.

The stockholders of this company are the pistachio orchardists of Rafsanjan with about 40 years of experience in planting and producing these delicious and nutritious nuts. 

We enjoy 2000 hectares of bearing and non-bearing lands under pistachio cultivation with more than 1000 tons of round, jumbo and long species of products.

Hong Kong , Taiwan , United Arab Emirates , India and Saudi Arabia are our permanent customers and we are seeking to initiate transactions with some others countries as well.

Benefiting from 3000 sq meters of area in Yazd including 1500 sq m of warehouse ,250 sq m of office spaces as well as application of the best machinery such as distributor, sorter, roster,… etc. have privileged us of being successful in our career.

This company, being honored of enjoying the whole processing activities applying advanced machinery and proper acquaintance with the processing principles, has brought about the ideal opportunity for offering the best quality products in order to improve our customers' satisfaction.

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